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About Masterpiece Jokes - A Funny Jokes Blog

I’m Guy Farmer and I created Masterpiece Jokes because I love being silly. Though I was lucky enough to grow up in a wig factory, I soon began telling my trusty pet clam that we would someday get out of that place.

Fast forward a few years to when I walked across the street, bought a car, and drove into a light pole, making me feel rather dizzy but unlocking in me a great desire for a delicious hamburger.

This led me to my passion for creating magnificently silly jokes. I love looking at things from an offbeat perspective that is sure to appeal to people who love wearing fancy embroidered satin jackets.

My real biography is that I’ve been a writer for many years. I’m a full-time poet who also loves writing witty, quirky, offbeat jokes. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my work and your comments are welcome. Cheers, Guy.

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